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Love is like magic
And it always will be.
For love still remains
Life's sweet mystery!

Love works in ways
That are wondrous and strange
And there's nothing in life
That love cannot change!

Love can transform
The most commonplace
Into beauty and splendor
And sweetness and grace

Love is unselfish,
Understanding and kind,
For it sees with it's heart
And not with it's mind!

Love is the answer
That everyone seeks....
Love is the language,
That every heart speaks.

Love can't be bought,
It is priceless and free,
Love, like pure magic,
Is life's sweet mystery!

Helen Steiner Rice - Submitted By: Tara W.

This Magical Love Rose was sent to you to bring you luck and happiness in love. Now close your eyes and make a love wish. After you are done, send this Magical Love Rose to at least 5 people. Good luck!


Get our FREE beautiful ecards in your e-mail.

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