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If I put my heart in a bottle,
I would seal the cork with a kiss.
Then what I would do,
Is send the bottle to you,
A Bottle full of love for one that I miss.

If I put love in a bottle,
A gift for you from me.
I would go to the coast,
To a place I like most,
And drop the bottle in the sea.

This bottle containing all of my love,
Would be carried by currents and tide.
And it would bob along,
Like the notes of a love song,
Until it got to the other side.

So if you are down near the harbour,
And see a bottle washed up the sand.
Don’t un-stopper the cork,
But go on with your walk,
Holding my heart in your hand.

For, I put my heart in that bottle,
To send my love over to you.
And where ever you go,
You will always know,
That my love will always be fresh and new.

Written & Submitted By: © Roger Turner
Music: 'Feel My Love' © Bruce DeBoer

I Love You Sweetheart!


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