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~ Acts of Kindness ~

One act of kindness
Can mean so very much
Just a pleasant smile
Or a gentle touch

Maybe an encouraging word
At the right time
Could end one's depression
And make their eyes shine

Reaching out to others
Is what it's all about
It can be done quietly
There's no need to shout

When you perform an act of kindness
You've dropped a pebble in a stream
The ripples can keep spreading out
Forever, it may seem

The person whose life you touched
May reach out to touch their brothers
And those brothers may reach out
To touch the lives of many others

God wants us to share
Our kindness and our love
He gave each of us the capacity
It came from up above

It feels good to help someone
To reach out when they are down
To put a smile on a face
Where once there was a frown

Remember God is watching
He sees everything you do
When you perform acts of kindness
God sends many blessings to you

Written & Submitted By:
© Beverly Lawyer

Midi Sequence By: Bernd Krueger


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